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3D Pawn cube

This highly strategic, chess-inspired game challenges you to compete in all 3 dimensions.

3D Pawn game

The game is now available for pre-order for a discounted price of £39 £32. Buy today to get yours by Christmas. 204 sold, 16 left:

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What is 3D Pawn?

A portable abstract strategy game for two players. With only one type of piece and streamlined rules, players command their pawns in a glorious, strategic battle to invade their opponent's territory. On their way, your pawns will face many challenges, from the power of your rival's intellect, to the merciless attacks of enemy pawns. To be victorious, you must outsmart your opponent, by getting past their defenses, to their side, without being slain!

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Great! 3D Pawn is now available for pre-order for £32. If you place the order today, we can still guarantee you will get your game by Christmas. You can also like our facebook page to stay updated.